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the art of thoughtful gifting

Enjoy a perfectly edited mix of beautiful gifts to give and treat those around you. 

Take a moment to make someone feel special, it's the small thoughtful gestures that are the ones that are always remembered

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candle care

To ensure the best from your candle, please read the care card enclosed with your candle. Always trim your wick prior to burning to approximately 4mm. Allow your wax to melt to as close to the outer edges of your jar at each burn. This will allow your candle to burn evenly. (This May take around 4 hours) 

Do not leave your candle unattended and keep out of reach of children and pets. Never move a burning candle and extinguish your candle once 1cm of wax remains, do not attempt to relight. You can simply wash your candle jar out with hot soapy water to reuse your jar. The natural properties of soy wax can sometimes set unevenly due to climate, temperature etc.. This adds to the charm of a hand-poured candle and will not affect the performance or scent throw in any way.

Currently, we are only able to deliver to the UK and Ireland. For custom orders shipped overseas, please contact us.

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