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natural handmade bamboo makeup brushes
  • natural handmade bamboo makeup brushes

    Treat yourself to this beautiful set of handmade bamboo makeup brushes.

    I have personally selected 11 professional quality brushes which will truly help you achieve a lovely makeup finish. Each brush is super soft, eco friendly and comes with it's own natural cotton pouch perfect for travel.

    A great way in helping to live a more sustainable lifestyle.


    mini kabuki brush

    perfect for quick application

    Multipurpose Foundation Brush
    use this big foundation brush for a cream foundation, liquid foundation or mineral foundation for perfectly blended results.
    Multipurpose Blush Brush
    used for liquid foundation, powder foundation cream foundation, blush, cream blush, shimmer and bronzer application.
    Blusher Brush
    the soft brush fibres help create a flawless, high-definition finish.
    Powder Brush
    pick up the right amount of powder and use the brush to swirl pressed or loose powder over the face.
    Small Eye shadow Brush
    used to brighten eye base or high light details
    Eyebrow Brush
    used with powder helping enhance your natural brow shape
    Concealer Brush
    gives fantastic coverage and perfect on those days when we need a little extra help
    Eye Smudge Brush
    picks up the right amount of powder for popping on all over your lid without being heavy or clunky
    High Light Brush
    perfect for sweeping highlighter to those parts of your face which need a little extra shimmer
    Basic Foundation Brush
    used with liquid or powder foundations and helps to give a seamless airbrushed finish to your skin





    • caring for your natural bamboo brushes

      run the bristles under lukewarm water taking care to not have it too hot as the heat may damage the brushes.
      pour a little bit of baby shampoo into the palm of your hand and swirl the brush around. Only the bottom half of your brushes' bristles should be swirled in the mixture to avoid water traveling up the handle.
      rinse the bristles under lukewarm water and reshape them. Let them air dry and fluff with your fingers.

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